Deciding on a Research Topic

How do you decide what your research topic is? I think this is the question that runs through the minds of many students new to the McNair Scholars Program. It was definitely one of mines.

I stayed up many nights just to think about what is it that I want to research. I would get frustrated with myself when I couldn’t figure out the answer. After many restless nights, I realized that I approached this simple question very wrong. Instead of trying to think of random topics, I realized that I had to find out what is it that I am passionate about. What is it that lights a fire in my belly? It was then that I found out how much I wanted to make a difference in the workplace. I’ve heard stories from friends about how managers abused their power, how sales were stolen from associates, and when my friends were mistreated how their managers retaliated when they reported the misconducts. Why do these issues occur? I needed to find the answers.

I think that once you find out what you are passionate about, it sorta becomes the engine that drives your research. The only thing left is to find the framework and missing parts that makes your research complete. So here I am today still adding on the missing parts, but the engine is still running.



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2 responses to “Deciding on a Research Topic

  1. aligon

    I agree that making a difference was what drove me to my research topic. My research topic has changed a number of times but the end goal is the same.

    I wanted to cause change in a way that I was familiar in and one that was thrilling. I set my sights on researching new information on plant genes but that one fell through, I had another topic on finding new procedures to cure Alzheimer’s disease but that one became overwhelming. Finally I wanted to research new methods for hemoglobin mutation screening and so far it is great doing the experiments.

    If you pick something that is interesting to you then it will be easier to do the work and continue further research.

  2. lubeivngmmee

    I can’t think of a more appropriate time and place to begin a good piece of science literature… snow on the ground… my faithful dog at my feet, bathed in the warmth of the yule time log in the fireplace.

    I am looking forward to visiting this forum regularly.

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