Shining Scholar… Sandra

I’m so thrilled with the success that our scholars are living!! This is the time in our program where we have those awe moments, where we realize the goals that what we are working towards.

Sandra Martin is a dynamic McNair Scholar. She came into this program focused on entering graduate school and she attacked the process of submitting applications, getting recommendations, conquering the GRE, and writing that personal statement like a seasoned professional. I wonder want influences Ms. Martin personal drive? I wonder where her drive comes from.  Well, I know from personal experience that behind every story of success there is a story of struggle.

It’s not my place to share Ms. Martin’s struggle, she will inspire the world with the obstacles she has overcome when it’s her time. But I will say that she is a pure example of someone who is a trailblazer. WATCH OUT WORLD!! If she allowed you the privilege to look into her past, Ph.D bond scholar of education probably would not be the words used to characterize a girl for the streets of East Oakland. A place where your first lessons are not the piano, or ice skating, but lessons of survival.  

Needless to say, I am proud of Sandra and each one of you. Continue to encourage each other with your success.





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  1. Ana

    I agree with you! Sandra is inspirational because although she has struggled in life she has the drive that one needs to succeed!
    Congrats on your first acceptance to a PhD Sandra!

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