Sahar Muhsin’s Reflections on studying Physics and Religious Studies at CSUEB.

Sahar Muhsin’s Reflections on studying Physics and Religious Studies at CSUEB.

My name is Sahar Muhsin-Laufman. I am a 23 yr. old junior, double majoring in physics and religious studies. I have strong interests in the study of the universe and how human beings fit into the larger equation. I came to CSUEB very ambitious and motivated toward my studies and the eventual career options that would spring forth from them.  The McNair Scholars Program has helped me move closer to my goal of one day becoming a college professor.

My interdisciplinary research interests are very unique and over time I became discouraged in the process of trying to integrate my passions for physics and religious studies across the University’s mutually exclusive departments. In my opinion the fields of physics and religious studies are mutually inclusive and this is what I hope to prove with my future graduate school research.

The McNair Program introduced me to resources and tools to develop and investigate my research interest.  I am committed to continuing the process of formulating ideas and research strategies that will evolve my educational goals on a progressive platform.

I owe a great deal of praise to the McNair Program especially the support network of students and staff. Takiyah Franklin formed an intricate support network with which I could continue to develop my research interests without criticism that deconstructs my dreams of integrating physics and religious studies. The McNair community at CSUEB remains the only place I feel I can chart out my future according to how I personally envision it and for that I am eternally grateful.


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  1. W. Gaines


    Your blog was great, and I wish you all the best regarding your project. Thanks so much for sharing a part of yourself, and what kind of efforts you have been making.

    All the best,
    Bill Gaines

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