Sasha Hin’s Pathway to Graduate School

My name is Sasha Hin. I am a Biology major with an emphasis in Cellular and Molecular Biology. I was accepted to the McNair Scholars Program in the Summer of 2009. I will apply to graduate schools in the Fall of 2010. My research interest is on the genetic basis of sexual behavior and sex determination. I am very interested in understanding the genetic mechanisms that control mate choice and speciation.

The McNair Scholars Program has given me a sense of what I need to do in order to become a more competitive graduate school applicant. From the beginning of this program, I’ve learned that getting into graduate school requires more than just good grades and amazing GRE scores. I’ve learned that graduate school admission also relies on your curriculum vitae (CV), the letters of recommendation from your professors, and your academic/ laboratory experience in your interested field of study. I’ve also learned that in choosing a graduate school, it is better to attend an institution that is doing research in your field of interest rather than a prestigious institution that is not doing research in your intended field of study.

In preparation for graduate school, I am currently working in the laboratory of Dr. Maria Gallegos of the Biology Department at CSU East Bay. I am also an Instructor’s Aid of the General Chemistry Supplementary class and an Officer of the Student Health Advisory Committee on the CSUEB campus. In addition, I recently completed applications to participate in summer research opportunities at various universities.

The McNair Scholars Program has benefited me in introducing opportunities that would develop my laboratory experience and my knowledge of the graduate school application process. Under the advising of Takiyah Franklin, the McNair Scholars Program Coordinator, and the support I have recieved from other McNair Scholars, I feel that I am on the right track in preparing myself for graduate school.


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