McNair Scholars Accepted to Graduate Programs and Summer Research Opportunities

Louis Jacome

McNair Mentor: Dr. Derek Kimball
UNV of Connecticut, Physics  PhD
Penn State University, Physics PhD

Michelle Faust
McNair Mentor: Dr. Michael Groziak,
UNV of California at Davis, Chemistry PhD

Anita Carse
McNair Mentor: Dr.  Benjamin Bowser
Golden Gate UNV, Human Resource Management, MA

Adelita Tinoco
McNair Mentors: Drs. Kimberly Kim and Michelle Tellez
UNV of Michigan, Nursing PhD
UNV of Minnesota, Nursing  PhD
UNV of San Francisco, Nursing MA

Mikel Delgado
McNair Mentor: Dr. Dan Cerutti
UNV Cal Berkeley, Psychology/Behavioral Neuroscience PhD
Washington State UNV, Psychology PhD
UNV of Nebraska, Psychology PhD
Cornell UNV, Psychology PhD

Vita Paramo
Mcnair Mentor: Dr. Luz Calvo
Dominican UNV in Chicago, English as a Second Language, Education  MA


Williams Gains- History
McNair Mentor: Linda Ivey
Yale History Summer Research Seminar (full funding)

Joe Tafoya- Political Science
McNair Mentor: Melissa Michelson
2010 Ralph Bunche Summer Institute (RBSI), which will be held at Duke University, May 30, 2010 through June 30, 2010 (full funding)

Sasha Hin –Biology
McNair Mentor: Maria Gallegos
UC Berkeley Summer Research Opportunity Program (full funding)


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